HIBBING — Bev Moberg has been the coordinator for the Fairview Range Volunteer Services in Hibbing for several years.

“It keeps me going,” she said of her position and working with the volunteers, “This is a reason for me to stay active. The relationships we form through this work are precious.”

Moberg organizes and utilizes those who wish to volunteer for Fairview Health Services in and around Hibbing.

“I am an employee, but I love working with the volunteers,” said Moberg during an interview Friday. “I work with caring, patient and loving people who bring support to the care team.”

It was recently announced that in 2018 this group volunteered 15,141 hours by a total of 140 volunteers, 12 of whom were new that year.

“You never know what a person is going through when they visit the hospital,” said volunteer Jean Hamilton. “I enjoy being the first smiling, pleasant person they see. I’ve been told that I’ve made their day.”

Although their list of volunteers is impressive, Fairview is always in need of more volunteers and Moberg was able to identify several benefits to participants.

“Our volunteers feel like they belong to a caring community of people,” Moberg began. “They are able to share their talents and abilities with others. Our volunteers report having high personal satisfaction from assisting patients, friends and families at Fairview. Plus, it is proven that there is a positive impact on one’s health if they keep active throughout their life.”

Volunteer opportunities through Fairview are adaptable to the individual.

“We design a program around the availability and desire of our volunteers,” Moberg explained. “We have some people who go away for the winter while others go to the lakes during the summer. Our schedules are flexible to anyone’s schedule.”

There are many areas where volunteers are utilized by Fairview including: patient and family waiting areas, North Entrance information receptionist, information assistants, guest services, clinic concierge, bereavement volunteers, Greenview, hospice, Gift Nook, Sunshine Team, various committees, magazine distribution and recycling pad manufacturing and distribution.

There are also several service and special projects worked on by the volunteers including: convenience care kits, children’s blankets, baby hats, leadership team and fundraising.

“Many of our volunteers see this as a way to play and not be working,” Moberg said. “They feel valued and connected to their local community. They say, ‘I see everyone, now.’”

Those 18 years an older, can choose their involvement level based on their availability. There are also a variety of volunteer opportunities depending on different levels of physicality. Some positions are more mobile while others are more sedimentary.

“Elderly people should not hesitate to volunteer at the hospital,” said volunteer Claire Pasch. “I’m over 80 and enjoy the people, comradery with other volunteers and being of service to others.”

Moberg’s team members have the option to volunteer in patient and non-patient related areas. They provide concierge and receptionist work directly with patients and their visitors and families by escorting them throughout the facility or greeting and locating rooms, respectively.

Those wishing to work in a non-patient care area staff and run the Gift Nook. “This is a volunteer-run shop,” explained Moberg. “All the proceeds go to purchase equipment that enhances patient care.”

“I enjoy volunteering in the Gift Nook because it’s a happy place to be,” said volunteer Joanne Enroth. “I can socialize while meeting new people and I find satisfaction in helping others.”

Moberg said that many of her volunteers are experiencing major life changes such as just moving to the area, children beginning school, losing a partner or entering retirement. Moberg is grateful she is able to provide a means of easing their pain or expanding their horizons.

“I love to volunteer because it is a good outlet to meet new people,” said volunteer Betty Tintor. “We do many social activities besides the volunteer work. It’s fun to help people and know what I do gives back to my community.”

Those interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities through Fairview Range Volunteer Services should contact Bev Moberg by calling 218-362-6112 or emailing bjohns54@range.fairview.org.


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