Longtime businessman starts new safety company

SIDE LAKE — Tom Johnson has switched his focus from electrical systems to safety inspections.

Former owner of Tromco Electric in Chisholm, he has expanded his business acumen by diving into and offering a new opportunity on the Iron Range.

Johnson sold the electric business — which began at the kitchen table of his parent’s home in Chisholm in 1981 — after 37 years. It went to one of his employees in 2017.

While he’s passed on the helm, Johnson remains a Tromco employee. He’s an estimator.

“Now I can sign the back of the check instead of the front,” he stated in a press release.

Although closer to retirement by selling the business, Johnson has decided to start a new one. It’s called Safe-T Inspections. It’s a home inspection service that provides pre-home inspections for commercial, residential and industrial clients.

Safe-T Inspections puts an emphasis on protecting people’s investment and leveraging the power of knowledge prior to purchasing a home, business or commercial space.

“There are a variety of hidden issues and challenges that individuals purchasing real estate are not aware of that can’t be detected unless you are knowledgeable about structures,” stated Johnson. “ … Hidden problems that someone may not know to look for or ask the right questions prior to making a large investment in the purchase of a home or business.”

Home inspections they offer include top to bottom evaluation of a structure, paying special attention to basements and attics, which are common areas where water intrusion can start.

A radon inspection can be provided above and beyond a normal inspection.

Johnson said the age of a home and its maintenance are important considerations and factors in a home inspection.

“I hope that my experience in the electrical trade and construction will help to identify potential issues or point out items that should be repaired prior to a purchase,” he stated.

Johnson is master electrician and certified by the American Society of Home Inspection (ASHI). A copy of an inspection report including photographs is provided within 48 hours to the client.

Johnson and wife Linda reside at Side Lake.


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