HIBBING — Searching for that inexpensive outboard motor to put on your first boat?

Are you looking for a used all-terrain vehicle that will take you trips on the many trails prevalent in Northeastern Minnesota?

Perhaps a solution to those type of problems would be to attend the first-ever Sporting Goods Consignment Sale which will be conducted Saturday, March 24, at the Hibbing National Guard Armory.

The event is sponsored by the Men’s Group of Wesley United Methodist Church of Hibbing and will be run from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. There is no charge to attend the event and concessions will be available.

“We are looking for any kind of sportsmen’s related items,” said Justin Gustafson, who is a member of the Men’s Group at the church. “We plan to take these items in on consignment where we will sell your items and we will take a percentage of the sale of the item.”

Items sought include those used in hunting, fishing, camping, ATV’s, snowmobiles, firearms, bows, etc. Those who are interested in selling items during the sale should call 218-263-3653, or go to Face Book and look for “Hibbing Sportsman Consignment Sale.”

“We would like to get an idea of the items before the sale,” said Gustafson. “We would like to know as soon as possible but we can also take them Friday, March 23, the day before the sale at the Armory between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., or the day of the sale as well on Saturday.

“This is our first go at it and we are pretty excited about it. We are generating a lot of interest and I think it is really going to be a fantastic sale. We have no idea how many items we will have but we have a lot of really nice things lined up and we are hoping we can fill up the armory with as many good items as we can.

“We are hoping that possibly this could become an annual event for us. There are a lot of sportsmen around the community and there is really nothing like this where we can get people together for a deal like this.”

Andy Petter, pastor at Wesley United Methodist Church for the past year-and-a-half, said the idea for the consignment was received from Gustafson.

“We were trying to get a men’s group going and this came up as something we could start to do,” Petter said. “As far as I am concerned, the sale has already been a success because it has gotten guys together, enthusiastic about doing something together and getting them working together to do something. So, I am already pleased with what’s going on.”

Petter said the church’s women do fund raising through the pasty sales that are conducted seven months a year, and he said this new fund raiser is a good idea.

“I like to have a mix of fund raising and also the congregation giving as well because I think giving is an important part in showing your faith as a Christian, that you are committed not just with yourself but also everything that you have to the ministry of the church,” Petter explained. “So, the fund raising is something we can do on top of that as well, to expand what we are doing at the church.”

Petter said the money raised at the event will go toward supporting some of its building costs, support the church children’s ministry cost which includes Sunday School and the Wesley Wednesday After School Program, and it also will help out with the Boy Scouts ministry. In addition, the church plans to donate a portion of the proceeds.

“We are hoping to have 10 percent go out to an outside charity as well. We are thinking about the Angel Fund because we think that would be a worthy cause,” Petter said.

The Angel Fund is a local nonprofit that offers financial assistance to Northern Minnesota residents facing cancer for expenses not covered by medical insurance. Anyone with any type of cancer is eligible. Learn more, donate or find an application at www.angelfundrange.org.

“Whatever we make out of this is going to be a blessing,” Petter said. “It is going to be gravy atop of what already has been happening.”

Gustafson said it is a time where winter is transitioning into spring and it is a good time to get sportsmen together.

“We don’t really have anything going on at this time of the year. It might just be something to bring the community together,” Gustafson said. “Come out and see some sporting goods-related stuff, get excited for spring and summer and maybe get rid of a few items that you don’t want to store.”


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