Bobby Joe Dobbins

EVELETH — A Virginia man faces two felony charges following an armed robbery that occurred in Eveleth on Saturday.

Bobby Joe Dobbins, 29, was arrested and charged with second degree assault and first degree armed robbery stemming from an incident on the 200 block of Adams Avenue in Eveleth.

According to a press release from the Eveleth Police Department, around 6:20 p.m. Saturday, they responded to a report of an armed robbery that had happened several hours earlier.

The victim, Charles Lister of Grand Rapids, said he was at a friend’s apartment on Adams Avenue when Dobbins arrived. The friend later left to do laundry and Dobbins allegedly turned a handgun on Lister, holding it to the back of his head and ordering him on the ground.

Lister claims Dobbins took $1,300 in cash and checks, an iPhone, marijuana and methamphetamine from him.

When the friend returned to the apartment, he was also ordered to the ground by Dobbins, who fled the building afterward.

Eveleth police reviewed video surveillance of the building and saw Dobbins leaving with what appeared to be handgun in his right hand and a backpack that Lister carried into the building. They also saw Dobbing run from the apartment and the building. He was located in Hibbing and arrested by the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Department.

Dobbins made his first appearance in Sixth District Court in Virginia on Tuesday and is scheduled for a Rule 8 hearing Monday.


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