Editor’s note: This was submitted prior to publication of the article “School board procedures questioned” on April 20.


The more things change, the more they stay the same.

When things get uncomfortable, the school board crawls into their shell and hides.

You all were elected to face the difficult situations, answer the uncomfortable questions. If you’re not up for that challenge, there’s the door.

What’s the common thread of a few years ago and the most recent disrespect shown towards current (and former) teachers of ISD 701 — the school board chair.

Sure, union negotiating can get nasty, downright ugly at times, but it’s all part of the process of bettering the community’s high standards of educating its youth.

Does the school board value that high standard of education? It seems not.

By their action of not being willing to listen by suspending public comment (see board policy 206) to teachers is a slap to the face of the community as a whole.

Was the school board in agreement in this decision? If so, you all failed in your elected positions.

The school board had more than a 50 percent turnover rate in the last election cycle.

The current chair is up for re-election this November. It’s time we as a community put him out to pasture for good.

By his past actions and now the most current situation, his time has come and gone. He still does not have the best interest of educating our community’s youth where it should be — up front and center.

Joe Sacco



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