Greenway Alumni proudly sponsored Award Night on Wednesday, May 1, at Greenway Auditorium. The following scholarships were awarded to 2019 graduating seniors.

Marshal and Nellie Alworth Memorial Scholarship, $20,000: Drew Faust

Horatio Alger Scholarship, $25,000: Drew Faust, plus all expense paid trip to Washington, D.C.

Hagan Foundation Scholarship: Drew Faust. This scholarship covers all her remaining costs for four years.

Dennis Prosen Family Scholarship, $2,000: Drew Faust

CSS YES Scholarship at St. Scholastica: Lexi Zimmer. Full tuition at St. Scholastica

Cleveland Cliffs Scholarship: Amber Butterfield, Rose Carpenter

Mirko Bogdanovich Memorial Scholarship, $250: Miles Wilcowski

Affinity Plus, $3,000: Alyssa Sucher

Greenway Lions Scholarships, $500 each: Hunter Skallet, Alyssa Sucher, Erin Gustason, Michaela Stram, Iris Jensen

American Family Legion Award Scholarships, $300 each: Aaron Elich, Amber Butterfield, Geordan Delich

Peggy Metzer STEM Scholarship, $1,500: Amber Butterfield

Hageman /Butterfield Memorial Scholarship, $750 each: Alyssa Sucher, Jace Hansen-Cochran

Dorothy Burud Njegovan Memorial Scholarship, $1,000: Kailee Troumbly

Nicoli Moretti Kartak Memorial Scholarship, $600: Miya Storlie

Nick Njegovan Memorial Scholarship, $1,000: William Johannsen

Centennial Rotary Scholarship, $1,000: Amber Butterfield

Zack Adams Memorial Scholarship, $1,000: Hunter Skallet

Lou and Mary Alice Barle Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 each: Karley Hansen, Jace Hansen-Cochran

Rae Graham Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 each: Jonathan McNeil, Elyjah Wahlstrom

Greater Itasca STEM Scholarship, $1,500: Jace Hansen-Cochran

Lavona Jasper Memorial Scholarship, $1,000: Kailee Troumbly

Edgar And Bess Mullins Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 each: Karley Hansen, Jace Hansen-Cochran

Bill Prigge Memorial Scholarship, $770: Rose Carpenter

Greenway Spanish Scholarship, $500 each: Rose Carpenter, Karley Hansen

Barb James Memorial Scholarship, $1,000: Liam Madsen

Itasca Masonic Lodge 280 Scholarship: Elyjah Wahlstrom

Becton Dickinson Scholarship, $2,000: Logan Seeley

Dorothy Barkhoff Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 each: Rose Carpenter, Geordan Delich, Jaime Troumbly, Klya Esler

Dorothy Barkhoff Memorial Scholarship, $500: Miles Wilcowski

Darby Sejnoha Memorial Scholarship, $300: Geordan Delich

Constance Kusi-Kotula Alumni Scholarship, $1,500: Alyssa Sucher

Balfour Yearbook Scholarship, $300: Rose Carpenter

V.M. and Marjorie Baich Foundation Scholarship, $1,000 each: Michaela Stram, Kelsey McDaniel

Lake Country Power Scholarship, $4,000: Rose Carpenter

Mary Immaculate Catholic CCW Scholarship, $300: Michaela Stram

Blandin Grants: Austin Ballinger, Rose Carpenter, Derek Disserud, Kyla Esler, Jace Hansen-Cochran, Taylor Hill, Iris Jensen, Jonathan McNeil, Alex Sanderson, Jayden St.Clair, Miya Storlie, Alyssa Sucher, Kailee Troumbly, Raven Velner, Miles Wilcowski, Brooke Williamson, Lexi Zimmer, Michaela Stram


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