Calvin Saari

Calvin Saari

Age: No answer

Occupation: Retired Corrections professional, currently a Government Relations Consultant and Registered Lobbyist at the Minnesota Legislature; current city councilor

Spouse/family: Wife, Barbara, three adult children and four grandchildren

Membership in organizations/clubs: Hibbing Kiwanis Club & Lt. Governor for the Kiwanis MN-Dak district; Lifetime member Minnesota Corrections Association & Minnesota Association of County Probation Officers; Lifetime member Arrowhead Police & Peace Officers Association; Current supervisor and treasurer, Itasca Soil and Water Conservation District & SWCD Board representative to the Itasca Water Plan Implementation Committee; Current council representative to: East Itasca Joint Sewer Board, Western Mesabi Mine Planning Board & Range Association of Municipalities and Schools; Arrowhead Regional Development Commission; Hibbing Community College Law Enforcement Program Advisory Board chair; Last Friday of the Month Club of Greater Hibbing

Past experience as a candidate: Appointed to the council in January; Four consecutive terms Hibbing School Board and served on the Minnesota State High School League; Housing and Redevelopment board, six years; Nashwauk Police Commission, 10 years; Past chair Itasca County Jail Task Force; Appointed to the Itasca Soil and Water Conservation District Board in 2015, and elected treasurer these past three years.

• Why are you running for this position?

Currently serving as a councilman and knowing the complexities of city government, I feel my vast experiences and leadership record will be an asset to bring about a cohesive city council to assure an efficient and cost effective operation.

• How do you define the role of mayor?

Being a team player, having the ability to share common values and having the ability to disagree, debate, compromise when necessary and act without personal animosity. Being honest, fair and open to change, and governing with common sense.

• If elected, what will be your top 3 priorities?

Getting a community center. Having a balanced budget and ensuring transparency in government. Rewrite our 5-year comprehensive plan, model our actions based on that plan and reviewing it regularly. Using my government contacts to seek incentives for economic growth and community restoration.

• Do you think Nashwauk's business sector is healthy? How would you change that?

Every community could be healthier. Nashwauk is surviving, and a new mining operation in our midst will have an enormous positive impact. We must always be ready to assist any and all prospective business developers in seeking business incentives. We must work with all units that could provide funding formulas.

• How would you involve residents in the city's decision making process?

I would dedicate a specified time to meet with citizens. There’s a spot on every council agenda for public input. I'd like to review our city committee structure, what has worked and restructure committees with specific goals and objectives, reporting to the council regularly.

• What should the city's steps be regarding economic development?

Working more closely with our Chamber of Commerce in promoting our community and working with existing businesses to assist in growth and restoration. We must remain knowledgeable of all funding sources and seek collaboration with other units of government whenever we can.

• What factors would you consider when looking at any type of reductions to the city budget?

Non-essential and non-mandated programs, and services will always be the highest priority when reductions are required.

• What sets you apart from other candidates?

My extensive experience and proven record of leadership in many levels of government for 50-plus years, and 15-plus years as a government relations consultant and lobbyist working with many legislators and government leaders puts me in the best position to be a real asset and advocate for our city.


Brenda Manthei

Brenda Manthei

Age: 43

Occupation: CEO of IRCS, Inc

Spouse/family: Husband, Andrew, and sons, Alex and Jeff

Memberships in organizations/clubs: No answer

Past experience as a candidate: No anwer

• Why are you running for this position?

I am passionate about the growth of the town, residents and want to make sure everyone voice has a chance to be heard. I think the residents of Nashwauk also need to have the transparency they are requesting.

• How do you define is the role of mayor?

I define the role as mayor as working for the residents of Nashwauk. The mayor position is to ensure that residents voices are heard, things move forward for the town, hold an accountable budget, be transparent on decision making and meetings.

• If elected, what will be your top 3 priorities?

My top three priorities would be improving the budget, making sure infrastructure timeline gets completed (with making the upgrades efficient with fixing the roads at same time) and making sure the emergency services needs are met.

• Do you think Nashwauk’s business sector is healthy? If not, how would you change that?

Right now the business sector I wouldn’t say is healthy nor unhealthy but could use improvement. We as a town need to be able to make Nashwauk more appealing for new growth.

• How would you involve residents in the city’s decision making process?

I would make sure that citizens know what is coming up by having letters go into their utility bill envelope, attend council meetings and if unable to attend then email myself or call myself.

• What should the city’s steps be regarding economic development?

I feel that welcoming new businesses into town and making the area appealing to prospective new comers is key. This can happen with many upgrades and appeal.

• What factors would you consider when looking at any type of reductions to the city’s budget?

I’d say looking at the budget and the long-term and short-term items that’ve been decided to move forward on with current members there would be no reductions, but maybe reviewing where money is being allocated and if there are additional grants/sources of funding that the city may apply for.

• What sets you apart from other candidates?

I want transparency to all residents because the council and the mayor work for the residents and the business owners. I’ll listen to all the residents and take all concerns or suggestions seriously. I also support the mining industry, new businesses, keeping up infrastructure and holding an accountable budget.


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