“Nature reveals God’s mind and imagination, and scripture reveals God’s heart and will,” — Peter Kreeft

By the time you read this summer will be in full swing. How is your schedule looking these days? My guess is it is full, really full. It seems to me we rush from event to event at a ragged pace. Why do we do this? At what cost do we do this? Is it really worth it? These questions have been tinkering around my mind for some time now as I look around me and see the crazy pace of life as I watch people, myself included, try to juggle work, commitments, family life, the things we want to do and all the other things that make up life.

We all need to rest and renew our strength. One way that we do this is by taking vacations which is a wise and necessary thing to do. Vacations are a time to get away and rest from our hectic lives, to take a break from the regular the routine of life, to relax and recharge our batteries. Vacation time gives us all the chance to slow down and thank God for all the blessings we have in this life.

The beach has always been one of my favorite places I like to go to relax and think. The beach helps to refocus my thinking. The beach and ocean are a beautiful picture of the presence, love, and power of God.

Tides change, yet they are constant. The waves are dependable and steady, waves are relentless, whether they are big or small, they just keep coming and coming. Sometimes you can’t see the waves because of fog or darkness, but you can always hear them. The waves and tide remind me of the greatness of God’s love and mercy. Just like the waves, God’s love in our lives is steady and dependable. He is always present even when we have trouble seeing Him. God is relentless and keeps coming and coming to us, surrounding us with His love, even when we resist. Tides change, yet they are constant and they are continually changing and shaping the shoreline, much in the same way that God changes and shapes us throughout our lives.

As the surf reminds me of God’s presence in my life, the water reminds me of His love. Have you ever noticed that the ocean waters are calm and peaceful underneath even if the surface isn’t? Our lives may appear hectic and anything but calm but beneath it all we can have peace in our lives when recognize God’s love all around us. Life goes on but God will always be there wrapping us in His love and providing calm and peace.

And consider the size of the ocean, sitting on the beach we cannot begin to fathom how big it is, where it begins and ends. In the same way, as we live our lives on this earth, we cannot possibly see or understand how big God is. Or think about the depth of the ocean and how even in the deepest parts of the ocean where it is darker than night, there is life. God is there, even when we think there is darkness and despair, we are actually surrounded by God’s love. We are never alone.

Delight in the ocean or where ever you go, take some time to slow down and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. Let it remind of the presence of God. Laugh with your family and friends. Relax, rest, and let God infuse you with His peace and strength.

Rev. Tim Yearyean

Grace Lutheran Church


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