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Byron R. Bray, 68, of Cherry, made his way to a better place o…

Janet C. Frider, 74, passed away peacefully on Sunday, Feb. 17, 2019.


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One of the many amazing things about Hibbing is the work that the HPAT-Hibbing Public Access Television- crew does. Ron Wirkkala, Don Slossen and the whole crew at HPAT have recorded and broadcast countless business meetings, sporting events, worship services and music concerts for the peopl…

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It is that we who live in the Zim bog (Meadowlands Township myself) have: avid bird watching people from throughout the world visit us seeking the many species of birds here. I totally support them, except in one area: their total disregard to public and their own safety. To start is the per…

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Nobody likes talking about death. It means we might actually do it ourselves. But it’s important to make plans for when we’re gone. My wife and I have already done this. We’ve considered several contingencies.

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