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Side Lake area residents are on track to have their homes and cabins wired with fiber optic cable starting this summer, thanks to a 2017 grant that Paul Bunyan Communications received from the state of Minnesota.





Harold Sanders, 90, of Detroit Lakes, and formerly of Hibbing …


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Once upon a time, our world was captured one 35mm frame at at time—whether it was black and white or full color, chances are, it was a well-thought out photo. If the roll of film in your camera only had 24 exposures, you didn’t want to burn them all up on one small part of a major event, on …

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Since my colleague, Judge Mark Munger, retired in January, we have been short-handed at the Duluth courthouse. Case assignments and calendars that used to be divided eight ways are now being split seven ways, and we are starting to feel the strain. We all know that the process of selecting a…

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