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Mental Illness Awareness Week celebrates 25th Anniversary

The first full week in October is Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW).

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Sunday 10/04/2015
Thumper tells how to understand women
Posted: October 04, 2015

The Thumper has released his guide to understanding women.

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Broadband issue fills rural halls, demands action in 2016
Posted: October 04, 2015

My neighbor John Kannas set up extra folding chairs in the Balsam Township Hall but even those wouldn’t be enough.

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Saturday 10/03/2015
Walking down memory lane
Posted: October 03, 2015

While cleaning out my closet this fall, I found a well-worn garment that holds a lot of sentimental value. It’s what I’ve referred to as “my dog-walking coat” for a number of years.

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Wednesday 09/30/2015
One More
Posted: September 30, 2015

One more. Think about it.

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Sunday 09/27/2015
Twilight for the unlovable chair
Posted: September 27, 2015

My wife and I have a term for the decorating style of our home. We call it “Early American Marriage.” Much of the furniture originated from our first apartment together many years ago. The art, the fixtures, the motif — all of it a lazy river floating through the stages of our relationship. The nice thing about this lack of style is that we get a wonderful excuse to never invite people over, which is a comfort to us both.

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Saturday 09/26/2015
Be your own Super Hero
Posted: September 26, 2015

When you get dressed, wouldn’t it be beneficial to have a selection of super hero costumes hanging in your closet to choose from?

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Sunday 09/20/2015
Visit to HCC Book Store Brings on Sticker Shock
Posted: September 20, 2015

While visiting the campus of Hibbing Community College, I wandered into the book store and got a case of sticker shock.

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The missing empathy in our politics
Posted: September 20, 2015

Something remarkable happened the night Vice President Joe Biden appeared on Stephen Colbert’s new Late Show during its first week on the air. A national political figure, one often mentioned as a presidential candidate, spoke like someone you knew. He opened his heart and let us see inside.

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